N-Yeshuaa N-Yeshuaa The Storm has passed
New style church with old style values
Be happy with youself and all shall come
The Storm has passed

Welcome to https://n-yeshuaa.com

Welcome to n-yeshuaa. We are a fairly new church.  We started in Jan. 2020. This church started because its pastors are tired of how churchs treat people. Seems they are all too deep into politics, and collecting donations. Donations that are not used to help people in need, but used to try and better their status.  Our mission here at n-yeshuaa is to first and foremost teach the word of God to all. Show the world theres no reason for all peoples no matter their faith to not get along. Then last but not least our plan is to teach the poor how they can grow their own food with an old style of growing that seems long forgotten. It works any where in the world.  Its yeilds are higher than standard farming. Uses very little water, and can be done with no electric.