N-Yeshuaa Non-Denominational Church. We are a fairly new Church on the block. Yet unlike most churchs, we push no politics. Firm believers in that man/all man was created in his image. Which seems to me that we are all created from the same foundation. This Church has three main goals. First and foremost to spread the word of God thru-out the world. Our next mission which has come about due to the recent virus breakout. We will be holding weekly Raffles for families or indivuals that are in dire need of help. Our largest and most forward looking goal is to teach weather it be the down and out American or the water starved Africian our goal is to bring back an old style of growing food. Its yeilds are 20% or more higher than standard farming. Takes very little /conserves greatly on water supply. Even can be done without electricty. Its called AQUA PHOENICS!!!!